About Us

5th December 2011


You may be asking yourself ‘what in the world does a Boston Terrier have to do with great iOS Apps?’

We’ll tell you!

At Mighty Mack, we believe that life is a fun, giant sized cosmic playground where inspiration can come from just about anywhere, and our life’s work can be summed up with one simple philosophy… application.
We create, design, and transpire new ways of seeing the old, and every day we surpass a new creative and learning curve milestone, and are very proud of our broad range of accomplishments.

With the help of our wonderful team we’ve managed to create brilliant news gathering apps in many professional fields from Politics to Science; if you’ve had a dream that you can’t figure out, then you should check out our branded signature app Morpheus Dreams which lets you see the macro view of what your dream is about, and, if you’re a dog owner than you will simply love our fun and adorable PetApp.

All of our apps can be found in the Apple App Store.

And by the way, if you haven’t figured out who inspired Mighty Mack, here’s hint… his name is Mack!

Thanks for stopping by!


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