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— “My first stop when something is happening in the world. All the dispatches from all the major news outlets and some i would not have thought to check”
— “Better than turning on CNN, i read it on the iPad every morning.”

Our BREAKING NEWS App follows a comprehensive set of international news organizations to bring you breaking news, videos, follow-on articles and dispatches from around the world. If something important is happening anywhere in the world, you’ll find the breaking development here minute-by-minute. Our MarketPulse proprietary algorithm scans a custom-created list of newspapers, news organizations, television broadcasters and information outlets to identify and deliver breaking news content in a user-friendly viewing experience.

Core features include:

CUSTOM CURATED SOURCES LISTS – Content articles pulled from individualized customized lists of publications, journalists, institutions and opinion leaders for each subject channel. We continuously monitor and adjust our source lists to include new sources and publications as well as opinion leaders of note.

PROPRIETARY ALGORITHM – This App uses a proprietary MarketPulse algorithm to review our content source lists selecting interesting articles, videos and audio content and filtering out items considered of low interest. We continuously manage this algorithm and look to improve the performance of this App through routine App updates.

FRIENDLY USER INTERFACE – The App’s user interface is designed to facilitate the efficient review and reading of the content, providing for easy operation and movement throughout.

CURRENT CONTENT CURATION – #BREAKINGNEWS delivers fun content all the time, everyday.

SHARING. You can share content you like using a variety of social tools, including Twitter, Facebook and Instapaper for future reference.


- iPad
- iPhone
- Internet Connection to load and view content

-Optimized for iOS6