Andrea Arden’s DogFun

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“Quiz yourself about dog facts, rate your favorite pets, and get insider tips from renowned dog trainer Andrea Arden!”

This app is a must have for dog enthusiasts. Designed to entertain, enlighten, and educate by offering quizzes to test your knowledge on all things dog related, lessons for manners and behavior problem solving, and resources to help you find the nearest first aid in case of pet emergencies and fun activities for you and your dog.

Cleverly designed to make for a captivating experience, the app features numerous quizzes and lessons which are specifically curated by renowned Pet Expert Andrea Arden to entertain and challenge novice and experienced dog owners alike.

The quiz section is comprised of over 175 different types of quizzes, enough to keep the most enthusiastic user engaged. Quiz categories include History, Dog Breeds, Celebrity Dogs, Dog Sports, Health, and Dog Training.

The Lessons section gives the reader insight on how to make the most of their dog’s intelligence, energy, and agility, how to prevent and resolve behavior issues, and how to enhance their relationship with their dog. This section has over twenty lessons written by Andrea herself!

For practical users this is also a handy app offering a well designed proximity section where the user can find the nearest dog runs, parks, pet stores, vet locations, and first aid. Finally, the app features daily news and updates by Andrea Arden herself about health and wellness, training and behavior, and dog related happenings and news.

Try this app for yourself, it’s greeeeat!


- iPhone Only
- Internet Connection to load and view content

- Optimized for iOS6 and iPhone 5