20th December 2012


Track your ETA. Verify your Route.
Rate your Driver. Have Fun

With Where2Boss? simply enter your destination and immediately get your Estimated Time of Arrival and a map of the suggested route. ETAs get updated every minute, taking into account traffic ahead from your current position. Share your ETA anytime with colleagues and friends by SMS or email.

See If You are Being Taken for a Ride

During your ride, watch the track of your current actual driven route and compare it to that suggested by the Mapping Software. See intuitively if you are going the right way.

Improve Your Ride in a Fun Way

By providing you information about your ride, you can stay on top of your transit times. You earn points and badges for passing by certain landmarks or beating your original arrival time. Login to GameCenter and you can compare scores with your friends.

Rate your Driver

Regain control of the taxi riding experience. Rate your driver and receive their ratings card, contributing to a grass roots effort to have transparency about taxi driver’s professional performance.

Earn Points and Badges

Every time you take a ride, pass a venerable landmark, rate a driver you earn points and unlock badges. Play with your friends and consult the leaderboards. Finally, review and share the best and worst rated drivers in your area!

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