Our App Series is designed to scan reliable sources for great Industry News content, presenting it to our users in a user-friendly and effectively designed iPad experience. Our Apps are designed to be the first and lasting place to turn to when News breaks. Our App  


Where2Boss? puts you back in control of your taxi ride, keeping track how long it will take you to get to your destination and how the road taken compares to what the GPS thinks is the best. Improve your taxi experience in a fun way. Review, rate and consult past experiences of your driver and [...]

Morpheus Dreams

Morpheus Dreams is the first App to offer you a comprehensive set of features from dream journal entry – you type complete journals, not just key words – to integrated dictionary and interpretation tools, Share, Sync and Export functions, and much more. Our App  

AGORA Briefcase

AGORA BRIEFCASE allows you to use the iPad as a professional tool, allowing you to share virtual groups of files with colleagues, vendors, clients and friends. Our App

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