Morpheus Dreams

6th April 2012

Morpheus Marquee

The Most Advanced App for keeping a Dream Journal and interpreting your Dreams

With Morpheus Dreams you can:
- Synchronize among your mobile devices so that you never loose your dream journal and your favorites.
- Type, record and edit your dream journals
- Create past journal entries
- Read the interpretation of each image and symbol in your dream journal, as you type it
- Export individual dream journals, or your complete journal, in text format, so that you can copy your journal to a word document, or even print it out.
- Consult our Dream Dictionary, with over 4000 entries.
- Share your dreams via email, Facebook or Twitter
- Select favorites journal and dictionary entries, to easily access the dreams and symbols that impacted you most.
- Search for specific words in your journal, to check how often some particular image appears in your dreams.
- Browse your dream journal in calendar view, to quickly see what dream images you had throughout a month or a year.
- Read your journal in book flip view
- Customize the color appearance of the app (5 different color skins)
- Setup a password to keep your journal private
- Setup an alarm reminding you to enter your dream journal
- Customize your deck items
- Choose the start up page of the App

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